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hr - human number formatting utility

This is a utility to convert numbers in a stream to human-readable format. Many existing commands now support a -h option to format numbers; some do not and sometimes you don't want to use the built in one. This was written a few years ago when I couldn't find a good way of getting a list of directories and their sizes, sorted by sizes. Normally you'd do this with "du -h -d1 | sort -n", right? Except the output is not exactly user friendly when you're in to the Gb range, and unfortunately sort can't cope with humanized numbers on the input.

This is release 0.2, which uses the same humanize code as other utilities (found in libutil (and the BSD utility library if you're complinng on Linux). To install it just download the tarball, unpack and run "make && make install". There's a pretty full man page for it.

 Download: hr.tar or fetch