Email Settings

Here are the email settings for our secure server:


Incoming Server:

Protocol: IMAP (POP3 is also available on port 995)

Security: TLS or SSL (but not STARTTLS)

Port: 993

User name and password as supplied (the user name is NOT your email address)

Authentication: Normal password (not encrypted, as whole channel is encrypted anyway)


Outgoing Server:

Security: TLS or SSL (but not STARTTLS)

Port: 465 (not port 25)

User name and password as supplied (the user name is NOT your email address)

Authentication: Required, Normal password (or same as incoming)


Unencrypted ports are also available for POP3 and IMAP, but are not recommended.

Note that you should really use the outgoing server provided by your network provider, unless, of course, this happens to be us. Some network providers (notably as BT, in recent weeks) have broken outgoing mail servers, giving you no choice.

Supported emails clients are Thunderbird up until 31.7 on Windows/Macintosh/UNIX/Linux and K-9 for Android. Other email clients can be used, of course, but it's impossible for us to provide support for them all.

There is currently an issue with Thunderbird 31.8+ and 38.0+ involving security certificates. Until this is resolved, please do not upgrade Thunderbird.


If you want to have nested folders, this is possible BUT you can't have a folder that contains messages and sub-folders at the same time. When you create a new folder you must decide whether it is to contain sub-folders or messages. In Thunderbird you need to set the option manually: Under Server Settings, click on the Advanced button and ensure that the "Server supports folders that contain sub-folders and messages" check box is clear. Similar options may exist in other mail clients. All mail clients should cope with folders once they've been created.

Alternatively, "advanced" users can create directories in their mail folder and simply copy the mbx files in whatever hierarchy they wish (using FTP/ssh etc).